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[Gyeongju] Making Wood Cutting Board experience

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  • 1. You can experience joyfully listening to the theory of woodcraft and the features of the woodwork!
  • 2. Have a relaxing time of five senses satisfaction and emotional stability smelling the scent of trees and touching the leaves.
  • 3. You can make your very own wood cutting board by drawing the sketch and design yourself!
  • 4. People of all ages and backgrounds can experience safely following guidance from experts.

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손민재 from Korea (Republic of)
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사장님께서 매우 친절하시고 생각보다 도마공방의 작업이 많고 저희도 4명이 한꺼번에 가서 정신없으셨을텐데 한 ...
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Making Wood Cutting Board experience
₩ 68,000

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₩ 68,000

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1 piece of Woodcutting board made of the camphor tree
Hand Sander
Finishing Oil


Make your very own Wood cutting board in the Woodinstory!

"Woodinstory" located not far from Bulguksa, the representative tourist attraction of Gyeongju.  How about enjoying the woodcraft experience with family, friends, and loved ones in Woodinstory? Smelling the fragrant wood and making the fancy wood cutting board. Moreover, you can make unforgettable memories that make you smile!


• Learn the theory and features of woodcraft in Woodinstory. 


• Draw out the preferred design of the wood cutting board and sketch the design directly on the solid wood.


•  The expert will tailor-made for your preferred wood design. 


• Make the Non-slip Wood cutting board using a hand sander and sanding machine.


• Complete your very own Wood cutting board by oiling it to use longer.



Operation Days

Monday~Sunday 10:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00



Minimum / Maximum Reservation

1 person / 30 people



Experience Process

Duration: 60 minutes

• Orientation and Introduce the wood ingredients (5minutes~10minutes) → Sketch and Design (5minutes~30minutes) → Wooden foundation with design (30minutes~40minutes) → Wrap up using hand sander and sanding machine (40minutes~50minutes)

How to use

1. Make the reservation after choosing the desired date and time.

2.Check the voucher sent to the email/mobile phone.

 ※ A voucher will be sent right after your booking is confirmed.

3. Please make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes beforehand.

4. Present the voucher to the staff and proceed with the experience.

How to go

 [Gyeongju Bus Terminal] Get on the Taxi/Vehicles to [Woodinstory] → approximately 28 mins (approx. 20,500 won [KRW])


1. If the reservation is unavailable due to the company's situation or weather condition, you will be contacted by the CS Team via email.

2. This experience is for all ages to participate, however, please note that under the age of 7 can only participate in the experience when accompanied by the guardian. 

3. Various wood furniture and interior props can be pre-ordered after consulting in the Woodinstory workshop. 

Refund Policy

• Cancellation 1 day before booking date (5 PM KST): 100% Refund

• Cancellation after: No Refund 

※ To change the reservation please make sure to inquire at least 1 day beforehand (4 PM KST) 

How to cancel

1. Visit the order confirmation page (Click Here) and insert your email address and reservation number (Booking ID starting with 'TV').

2. Once you have found your booking, click 'Request Refund' to request a cancellation and refund. 


• Inquiry: Woodinstory [우드인스토리] Tel) +82-0507-1357-7510

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Woodinstory, 16, Bulguksintaekji 3-gil, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
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손민재 from Korea (Republic of)
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
사장님께서 매우 친절하시고 생각보다 도마공방의 작업이 많고 저희도 4명이 한꺼번에 가서 정신없으셨을텐데 한 분 한 분 친절히 설명해주시고 예쁜 도마를 만들 수 있게 정성들여 작업해주셨습니다 자연을 생각하시는 마음이 공방에 담겨 있는 거 같아 좋은 도마 제작에 대한 수업을 들으면서도 그런 마음을 느낄 수 있었고 가족들과 좋은 시간 보낼 수 있었습니다 ㅎㅎ

[Gyeongju] Making Wood Cutting Board experience

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